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Christmas Party

Christmas Party Bookings

We care about crafting immersive holiday experiences that embody wonder, joy, and holiday spirit. Let Farmhouse Catering Company take care of your special holiday with catering and venues everyone will love. Our team has developed menus for over 5 years, and we know how to satisfy any foodie palette with unique dishes. Our culinary team is from all over the world, including Italy, Mexico, and India. Our menus are full of flavor and zest and provide that touch of holiday magic.

How It Works

Venues & Partners

We have forged long-term partnerships with Prince George's premier beautiful and unique venues:

Prestige Treasure Cove Hotel & Resort, YXS, and Two River Gallery.

Our special partnership will transform your event into a stunning venue and will take the pressure off your special day so you can celebrate.


We will work with you to develop a menu that will work within your budget. Most events are based on guest numbers, but other factors may apply. The best way to figure out a budget is to select what kind of service style you like and how much per guest you would like to spend.

Event Style

Service styles are a personal choice. Some are better suited for special themes and prices do vary. Plated and Family styles are generally more costly due to servicing and rentals, whereas Buffet and Cocktail Receptions are more cost-effective. During our first consultation, we will go over these details to see what suits your event and budget.


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